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Welcome to the Eye of the Serpent (Iota Serpentis)!

My name is Helen Valentina. I grew up in a family of astrologers and spiritual seekers and have read tarot cards for over thirty years. I guess you could say it was in my blood.

Along this less conventional path I’ve also held very secular day job roles as an HR manager and senior executive in a wide variety of organisations. And I’ve pursued creative inspiration through writing novels, poetry and now collaborating with a musician to write a musical. So I bring to my spiritual practice a grounded understanding how elemental energies work in the real world and the psychology of working creatively, collaboratively and positively in life.

With this website I hope to meet others with similar spiritual interests and offer what I can to those seeking insights and knowledge across tarot, other oracles and varying spiritual and mystic traditions.

I’ll also post tarot videos (such as YouTube Pick a Card readings from my YouTube Channel: Eye of the Serpent Tarot) and in time potentially provide access to private readings for those who connect with my style of reading and insights.

In the meantime have fun exploring the site and let me know what topics you’d like to see me cover.

Be blessed

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