Tarot and Spiritual Journeys

Every spiritual seeker – like every tarot or oracle reader – has their own path and connects with those of like mind who seek or provide guidance in specific areas of life. I call these the Tarot Journeys, and on this page you can explore some of the areas that I specialise in to see how these may support or help you in your own life and spiritual journey.

Tarot Guidance for Careers, Leadership and Creativity

We’ll explore how tarot can guide and assist in careers, leadership development and creativity. Drawing from over 30 years of experience in both tarot and senior/executive level Human Resources/Organisational Culture work and personal experience in the areas of writing and publishing, I offer insights and services to support and mentor those on these practical journeys. This is grounded in real life experience and understanding of how organisations and industries really work combined with the very human psychological aspects of successful career navigation. In exploring your career and/or your creativity through the lens of tarot you have a secret advantage in the competitive professional world and you’ll better understand all the dynamics at play in your endeavours. I will regularly post collective readings on such issues (video and photographic) but if you would like a more personal reading or mentoring support keep an eye out for when I launch those services in late 2021 or early 2022.

Image Credits: Shutterstock.com: Pentagram: Black Moon; World Hand: Pop Tika; Elements: Production Perig

Tarot and the Soul

No-one truly knows the origins of the tarot, but the impact of this oracle has been significant across most mystical and spiritual traditions. All spiritual seekers gravitate to one or a small number of spiritual traditions or beliefs, and in our diverse ‘small’ world we can also borrow from others when they resonate. When discussing the symbolism, meanings and uses of tarot and oracles here I will draw much from traditions which particularly draw me – the various forms of mysticism of the ‘People of the Book’ (Judaism, Christianity/Gnosticism and Islam) but I will also refer to and use other traditions (and tarot/oracle decks) where pertinent to a discussion or reading. Some of these may include Wicca/paganism, Norse, Greek and Roman mythology, Alchemy, the various branches of the ancient mystery schools and their more historically recent and/or modern day equivalents like Rosicrucianism and the Golden Dawn.

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