Your Personal Power and Presence: Part One of a Pick a Card Series about You Through the Houses: The 1st House

Hi All! My latest Pick a Card reading video (embedded below) is the first of a monthly series to go through all the houses of a natal astrology chart – from the 1st through to the 12th – looking at how the areas the House rules impact on your life. So Episode 1 is Aries’ House – the 1st House – and looks at how you present to others – is it how you see yourself or are there differences between your preferred self image and how you appear? If this is intriguing, check out the video below and if you like it please like/subscribe/share. 🙂

Published by iotaserpentis

Hi, I'm Helen, a tarot reader of over thirty years' experience who juggles spiritual learning and life with a very secular day job and a creative passion for writing in all forms: novels, stories, poetry and theatrical productions. I hope to help others seeking the guidance of tarot: to learn its secrets and other spiritual traditions. Especially those looking for practical guidance on relationships, career and creativity and other readers looking to unlock and connect the wisdom of their daily life with their spiritual insight.

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