Tarot and Numerology Life Path System Part Two: card for the current year

If you read my previous post about my system for calculating and interpreting your Life/Career Path from a combination of birth date numerology and the Major Arcana system, you might also be interested in how this can apply to the trends/influences and likely energies for you in any given year.

The maths is pretty much the same, but this time instead of using your birth year, use the current year (or into the future if you want a longer range predictive pathway).

In the year of writing this blog post the year number is 5 (2+0+2+1 = 5), which is the Hierophant. The wondrous and strange and often quite regimented/controlled 2020 was 4, or the Emperor, and we can probably all relate to the increased controls on our lives, albeit many brought on by a medical emergency. 

Hierophant from Tarot Grand Luxe, (c) US Games Systems Ltd. Creator: Ciro Marchetti

The Emperor energy is a bit paternal – a kind of ‘do what I say because it’s for your own good’. The Hierophant can be similar, in that it aligns to traditional (sometimes conservative) approaches, structures and systems – in religious, organisational, educational and political realms. But its key difference to the Emperor is probably the high emphasis on values and ethics under its influence. So perhaps we can hope for a more ethics/values based approach to our lives in this year than last.

Of course, for any individual, the influences and cards for this system depend on what the addition of the 2021 maths adds to their own personal birth day and month. 

There are some mathematical calculation limitations/differences for the yearly card (as opposed to the life path system of my prior post).

First, by virtue of the fact that the year number for ‘the world’ can only go as high as 5 for 2021 then an individual’s yearly number can go no higher than that provided by the 29th day of December – in total that becomes: 

29/12/2021 = 2+9+1+2+2+2+1 = 19

As such no-one will have a yearly influence above the card of the Sun in 2021. 

Second, this prevents any further number reduction (compared to the life path system which could have totals above 22 to reduce once or twice). This means that given the lowest number is 7 (for January 1st 2021), no yearly card for anyone will be below the Chariot in 2021.

These upper and lower limits will change year by year.

Third, in this system only the primary card applies. The secondary card for the year will always be the card of the year itself – so for 2021 it is the Hierophant. This shows an overarching influence on how your primary year card may manifest. (So have a look at the yearly interpretation for the Hierophant and consider how it may impact your year card)

So, some examples for 2021:

  1. 11/08/2021 = 1+1+8+2+2+1 = 15 (year number is 15)
  2. 01/02/2021 = 1+2+2+2+1 = 8 (year number is 8)

A table below shows how yearly cards may work as transitory/annual influences and can be read each year in conjunction with your birth date life path cards and also taking into account the influences of the card of the year. Unlike the life path table this focuses on more than just career, but still is grounded in real world/practical elements of the card energies.

NumberCardAs THE YEAR No. (applying to all)As Your Year No.(applying to you)
MagicianUnrealised potentials, great breakthroughs in science, industry and culture; a maturing level of skill applied. Evolutionary and sometimes revolutionary.A year of magic and mystery – you have a range of skills and a connection to the universe and can manifest major achievements in this year. Your communication and influencing skills are at their height. The one issue to consider is which skills are the most mature and ready – the Magician is multi-talented – but focus is essential.
High PriestessHidden secrets, a lot goes on beneath the surface; spiritual and values issues are paramount but not always clear. A sense of transformation occurring but not yet fully seen.Your connection to the Divine/ spiritual is very high in this year. You are more sensitive and empathic to others than usual (even for those that are normally very empathic/psychic) and you may find dreams and visions and synchronicities are revelatory for your path. You may need to consider/ put in place spiritual/energetic boundaries and protections. The High Priestess isn’t showy – she works in the hidden depths, so silence may be golden for your aims till you are more progressed.
EmpressGrowth, abundance, a year when the environment/earth is a key focus;  a harvest coming after hard work and time. Maternal influenceA year of great growth and abundance. For some this may signal fertility and starting or growing your family. Connections to maternal figures in your life may strengthen or become more important to you. If you have been working on a business or project this is a year of harvest – some elements or the project/business as a whole is flourishing. Look to sharing your good fortune – the generosity of the Empress will put you in good stead for future years.
4EmperorPower issues, sometimes struggles for dominance across political or organisational lines; rules and regulations; paternal influencePower, rules and structure are important themes this year. You may take on a leadership role or work in a large, bureaucratic or highly regimented organisation or system. You may find power challenges/ struggles or come more into your own material power this year. Your paternal relationships may also become more important. For younger people this may be a year of true liberation and standing on your own feet, free of parental support. You may need to choose between continuing in an environment of power struggle and limitation or moving on. Also issues of the ‘right use of power’ are relevant this year. You need to ensure your actions align with your values and that any power you have is applied wisely.
5HierophantTraditional structures with strong ethics/values issues in play. Spiritual awakenings and callings. Higher learning/ education valuedWhat you believe and value are the keys to success and growth this year, and to aligning your spirit with your earthly manifestation/life. You may question and leave or re-commit/ strengthen ties to traditional religious systems or progress your career into traditional environments (law, religion, government, higher education). You may also put a premium on and pursue/ fulfil professional or tertiary education in this year.
6LoversFocus on/choices about how we relate – families through to nations/global focus; who are we together; what is working and not; shadow elements where power/ethics not aligned; changes in partnershipsYour focus this year is on relationships – those you have, those you want, who you are in relationships, sexuality/gender issues etc. You may start or end a significant love relationship in this year or modify your family or close community connections. This year provides a time to better understand what you want, need and give in relationships and about healthy boundaries and connections.
7ChariotSpeed and momentum – major changes by design or crisis; destined energies and systems; balancing the material, emotional and ethicalA year of destiny – many opportunities or challenges outside your control will manifest and you will be called upon to balance and manage your own emotions and reactions. If you achieve this then the year can be one of tremendous growth and success and you may be called upon to lead/ shepherd others through changes and disruption in their lives. But this is a very ‘life comes at you fast’ year, so if you feel overwhelmed slow down, take time out wherever possible. It’s a marathon not a sprint. Plus reach out to others for help – you don’t have to manage all this on your own.
8StrengthConsolidation – often after change and crisis in Chariot year. New systems, governments or power structures.A very positive year – you are in a position of strength and likely have achieved some key goals and are well on the way with others (if not at the start of the year then during the year and definitely but its end). Like the Emperor card, this is a ‘right use of power’ year. Use your strength and position to help others and do not abuse your success and this will set you up well for the next stages in your path.
9HermitIntrospective and/or spiritual focus. Weighing the costs and outcomes of change and choice in prior years. Periods of self-imposed or required isolation or distance.A time for introspection and self-evaluation, to put you on the pathway to true self-actualisation.  The issues and choices of the preceding year can now be viewed in a more dispassionate, objective and spiritual way. You may need to withdraw from some activities and people. You may also benefit from meditation or other spiritual practices this year. Something within is calling to be illuminated and seen now. Open your inner eye to its message.
10Wheel of FortuneSerendipity, strange outcomes, hard to predict success or failure, a feeling that fate is pulling the strings in one or more areas of life.At its best you are super lucky this year, at its worst you are in the grip of fortune, and this can change on a dime. Welcome your luck when it occurs but don’t rely on it (if you gamble do so carefully and know when to walk away). Look for synchronicities and signs you are on the right path. You can achieve much – the ‘overnight success’ that comes after hard work may well manifest this year and you may attract some envy to you if so. But you could lose in this year too – it is unpredictable so always have an exit strategy and a Plan B.
11JusticeLegal issues, policy and process are paramount; changes or evolution in legislative processes, court compositions and other issues related to the laws under which we are governed; social justice causes; significant changes in legal systems/ rulesA year when legal issues – contracts, commitments, partnerships etc – are key in some way. You may set up new contractual relationships or commitments this year or you may sever existing ones. You may also find opportunities or challenges in government policy or laws. If you do anything that has legal implications this year read the fine print and get professional advice. You may also take up legal causes this year such as community and social justice activism.
12Hanged ManSacrifices and/or delays required; things take longer or are harder than predicted; spiritual understanding of the consequences of legal and material choices made in prior years; spiritual enlightenmentA year that may have many stops and starts. Delays and challenges may impact progress of your aims. If so, look at this as an opportunity – a time to reconsider and recalibrate. Much like the energy of the Tower, Hanged Man energy is best navigated by acceptance and contemplation and yielding to the flow of time. Don’t be stubborn – all that will do is trap/ slow you more. You may need to leave some aspects of your goals behind, or some people, or the breakthrough required may require sacrifice of some dreams for the sake of others. 
13DeathAt worst a year with natural and man-made disasters and issues taking a toll on life including risk of wars; in most years more an issue of choices to go with new approaches or stick with the old.Major choices of life path and beliefs are characteristic of this year. In some (not common) cases death my literally figure – the loss of someone close to you, the death of a dream/project or even health scares that need immediate attention. But in most cases Death is not literal. This year presents choices which you can make/progress or put aside for later when you feel there is more information. Many of you may change jobs, professions, move home or make other major changes in this year. Happily, many choices not taken this year will still be available later when you are more ready.
14TemperanceRe-balancing after the tumult of the Death year; leaders rise to bring a more equitable approach; major progress in diversity and inclusionA year to re-balance your goals and values and beliefs. You may also be called upon to mediate or help others in balancing their lives, emotions or aims. Equity, diversity and balance are important to you. Any career issues take on a more philosophical flavour. You can bring a maturity to dialogue and discussion in your community, family or work sphere.
15DevilA year when the world considers what it has paid the piper for current events/scenarios; conflicts and bondage via ideas or politics; a year to review what old views or prejudices need to be released/freed; reparations and atonementA year to examine the consequences and limitations of past choices. It is true to say that while we are busy making choices, our choices are also making us. This year you will review/ re-calibrate the choices that place boundaries (healthy or unhealthy) on you – relationships, work, belief systems. You may also feel constrained in some situation/s and need to find a way to be freed (either literally from someone/ something or from any of your own beliefs and biases which limit you). Shadow elements of relationships are heightened this year and are visible, hard to ignore. In such situations seek professional therapeutic support if needed.
16TowerMajor changes and breakdowns of old systems to create the new/better: if this energy embraced change is positive and can be managed; if resisted may come in more explosive or disruptive ways; a year for the mediators and negotiators to navigate difficult waters.The crash through or crash, make it or break it year in one or more aspects of your life. Changes will occur this year whether you want them or not – old systems, beliefs and structures break down to clear a path for the new. This is normally a very positive energy but it will likely feel disruptive – how disruptive and painful will depend a lot on you. If you struggle to hold on and stop the change the force will be more disruptive and often external factors will be relentless; if you go with the flow you may well emerge as a change agent in your or others’ lives and help birth a very positive outcome. Remember the phoenix rising from the ashes? That could be you. Or the caterpillar that breaks down completely in the cocoon to be the butterfly? That’s Tower energy working.
17StarNew world is born after major conflict, change or re-structure. A year of hope and optimism – only risk being too starry-eyed A very positive, optimistic year. You will have high ambitions and every likelihood of progressing towards or achieving them this year. You shine a light on others and can be highly influential and inspiring. The only thing to watch out for is too much optimism – don’t presume everything will always work as you want – do the homework and know your subjects, or take the time to truly communicate with your significant other – and you can get the very best out of a year of high potential.
18MoonThe world is contemplative, still, flowing with the elements; much is hidden and yet to be fully seen. A sense that the optimism of the Star may have been short sighted, but clarity is yet to come.Something is a bit mysterious or hidden this year. It might be you. It may be that you feel the need to keep your secrets to yourself. A new or cherished wish or aim might be best kept private until it is more developed. You are likely to be highly sensitive and psychic this year and more than usually emotional. Give yourself time out – find a sanctuary place in your home or your mind to work through the gentle but highly charged influences of the Moon.
19SunWhatever has been born is now visible – a very productive and positive year for those who like the new world. A year when those who have done well should look to help those who struggle.A year to shine and be seen, in whatever form or on whatever stage that applies/you seek. Your magnetism and charisma is on high beam this year. You draw others to you, and like the Wheel year may also draw envy so be discerning in your connections. There’s a kind of innocence to this year also – and not a little nostalgia for the fragile, perfect dreams of your childhood or earlier formative years.
20JudgementA major year for individuals to choose who they are, what they represent/believe and how they will act in the world. On the world stage some may come to the judgement of the people and major political change may occur. There is a sense of ‘last chance’ about the changes and choices for the world and individuals in this year – those options experienced may not occur again if the choice is avoided/ ignored.This year you will either judge yourself or you may find you, your work or your beliefs under the scrutiny of others. It’s a time of reckoning and if you have clarified and lived by your principles you will find this a welcome review. If not, you may find some cherished beliefs or aims fall to the side, or that you draw criticism from others (whether truly justified or not). This is also a year for making key choices about your life path and goals – when such choices come to you then you must make the choice or the opportunity will be gone. It is not a year to say ‘I’ll think about it later’. Judgement’s opportunities and questions are final and ‘on the clock’– you don’t get a do-over on the issues that arise this year. You may be the subject of (or make) ultimatums in relationships and business this year – that’s Judgement’s finality and influence.
21WorldA truly global focus; the world seems smaller and more connected; any positive and any negatives of recent years are amplified. The world is now approaching the Fool’s precipice to begin a new period of evolution. Vestigial politics/ philosophies are put to the final test. A year of realisation of goals and the completion of a long, well navigated pathway. You could achieve qualifications, get that long desired promotion, or see a business or relationship truly established this year. You will consider the impact of your choices on others – your family, relationships, community or even on the world. You may choose to continue this path and evolve it further, or pass it on to others as a legacy as you pursue new dreams. Anything that has not progressed well in this year should be left behind so you can embrace new energy and opportunity in the future.
22/0FoolA new cycle; a sense that new beginning are blessed (beginner’s luck); optimism and a sense of new horizons well within reach. Embracing and building upon changes of previous cycle.New beginnings; an innocence and enthusiasm for the road less or not travelled.  A year of inspiration and potential genius. The year when you may be an iconoclast or the leader of a new approach or movement. Remember this is just the beginning and there’s much to learn to bring you goals or dreams to fruition. But step out and say ‘yes’. At the very least you’ll learn something and at the best you may very well birth a whole new world.
Table: Tarot/Numerology Current Year Life Path Energies

(c) Helen Valentina 2021

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