Tarot Hack Part Two: The Minor Arcana Narrative

The narrative of the Minor Arcana and Court cards is different to that of the Major Arcana. While the Major Arcana signifies the major life journey for the soul in this realm and often portends fate/ external drivers, the Minor Arcana is more focussed on the day to day energies by element from the stageContinue reading “Tarot Hack Part Two: The Minor Arcana Narrative”

Tarot Hack 1: Major Arcana Journey

The Major Arcana of the Tarot follows what is often called either ‘the Fool’s Journey’ or ‘the Hero’s Journey’. In essence it is a cradle to grave depiction from birth though to actualised adulthood (Fool to World) showing the various stages of maturation and their interaction with typical external influences, powers and choices. Understanding theContinue reading “Tarot Hack 1: Major Arcana Journey”

The Tarot Hack Series – Introduction

My two-part Tarot Hack series (to be published tomorrow and the day after) is a system for new readers to quickly ‘hack’ the core structure of the tarot and how that gives the divinatory and meditative muscle and accuracy to readings for self or others. Most people when first looking at learning tarot find theContinue reading “The Tarot Hack Series – Introduction”

Tarot and Numerology Life Path System Part Two: card for the current year

If you read my previous post about my system for calculating and interpreting your Life/Career Path from a combination of birth date numerology and the Major Arcana system, you might also be interested in how this can apply to the trends/influences and likely energies for you in any given year. The maths is pretty muchContinue reading “Tarot and Numerology Life Path System Part Two: card for the current year”

Tarot and Numerology: Life and Career Path System

Tarot and numerology are a natural partnership. This runs from the numerological correspondences for card numbers and the Major Arcana (and Minor Arcana to some extent) through to a range of other numerology systems. One way to combine them is to consider how your birth date and numerology relate to the Major Arcana.  I first cameContinue reading “Tarot and Numerology: Life and Career Path System”