What’s Coming Up For You In September? A New Pick a Card Reading

Today’s Pick a Card Reading covers all the major aspects of life to show what’s coming for you in September. If that interests you/makes you curious, check out the readings in the video embedded below. 🙂

Empaths, Lightworkers, StarSeeds and Spiritual Seekers – What is Your Next Spiritual Upgrade/Mission? Pick a Card Reading

The Pick a Card reading embedded below is for anyone who identifies with being an empath, lightworker, StarSeed or spiritual seeker. If you do then check it out for messages from Spirit about your next spiritual upgrade/ mission.

What Will The Aquarius Full Moon Today Bring You? New Pick a Card Reading!

The full moon in Aquarius (22 August 2021) is the second in a row on this sign (not a common occurrence) and brings with it potentially life defining and changing energies and decisions. What might it bring you? If you’re curious then check out the Pick a Card reading embedded below! 🙂

Lion’s Gate Portal 2021 – Peaks on 8 August: What Blessings Will It Bring You?

We are currently in the midst of the Lion’s Gate Portal (where Sirius aligns with Earth) and this transformative transit will hit its peak on 8 August. The video below explores what blessings it may bring you via my latest YouTube Pick a Card Reading. Check it out and if you like it please like/subscribeContinue reading “Lion’s Gate Portal 2021 – Peaks on 8 August: What Blessings Will It Bring You?”

What Big Changes Are Coming For You In the Next 6-12 Months? Find Out In a New Pick a Card Reading.

I’m back with another Pick a Card Reading for you – this time looking at what big changes are coming up over a 6-12 month timeframe for you. Hope you enjoy – and if so please like/ subscribe and share. 🙂

What Big Changes Are Coming In Your Life Over the Next Three Months?

My latest YouTube Pick a Card reading (embedded below) asks what big changes are coming to your life in the next three months. We look at love, career and general wellbeing and bring the key themes and messages Spirit wants you to know. Check it out if it is of interest and like/subscribe and shareContinue reading “What Big Changes Are Coming In Your Life Over the Next Three Months?”

Tarot Hack 1: Major Arcana Journey

The Major Arcana of the Tarot follows what is often called either ‘the Fool’s Journey’ or ‘the Hero’s Journey’. In essence it is a cradle to grave depiction from birth though to actualised adulthood (Fool to World) showing the various stages of maturation and their interaction with typical external influences, powers and choices. Understanding theContinue reading “Tarot Hack 1: Major Arcana Journey”

What Are Your Spiritual Gifts? My First YouTube Pick a Card Reading!

This morning (Australia time) I launched my new Youtube channel – Eye of the Serpent Tarot (the English/easier to say version of Iota Serpentis). My first Pick a Card reading is embedded below. It explores your Spiritual/Psychic gifts. If the topic interests you I hope you will give it a watch and like, and maybeContinue reading “What Are Your Spiritual Gifts? My First YouTube Pick a Card Reading!”

Welcome to the Eye of the Serpent (Iota Serpentis) Tarot!

Welcome everyone to my website.  I thought I’d do a brief introductory post to add a bit to the ‘About’ page for those who join me on this journey earlier in its life. Iota Serpentis is ‘the eye of the serpent’ and refers to a fixed star in the Serpens constellation. As someone who has alwaysContinue reading “Welcome to the Eye of the Serpent (Iota Serpentis) Tarot!”

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