My Spiritual Journey

Why Tell You My Journey?

One thing I firmly believe from doing readings for such a long time is not every reader connects with every querent and this can be for a number of reasons: the energetic/telepathic connection is not there or is weak; the spiritual path and systems of the reader do not align with or potentially even conflict with the path of the querent; and/or temporarily, the querent is not at a stage where the reading will be heard/helpful and so unconsciously blocks the openness required.

None of this has anything to do with the personality or souls of those involved. I’ve found some friends in my life almost impossible to read for accurately, and yet some other people of much lesser acquaintance are like an open book. The tarot itself is very profound – even when the link isn’t there the cards seem to know the right answers, but the depth of detail and accuracy of predictions and divination certainly increase when the connection is there energetically. It’s mysterious, but given this I believe it’s ethical to try to ensure a reader offers a profound and valuable connection.

Over time if you see my readings (photo or video) you will get a sense of whether you and I click energetically – that electric, telepathic type of connection is hard to predict but you know it when you see it. Let the proof of the pudding be in the eating as they say – if the readings connect with you and are accurate in your life then I’d hazard a guess we connect.  If not, other readers may offer a better connection for you.

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Another aspect of connection or ‘fit’ between reader and querent is spiritual alignment. This doesn’t mean you have to believe the same things or come from the same traditions, but if you know a bit about a reader’s spiritual path you may better judge if they’re one you’d wish to approach.

So, while I’m not yet offering private readings from this site, and also while I don’t believe that you have to believe what I do to be here (in fact I hope many of my visitors are from very different paths I can learn from) I do think some background on my spiritual journey and influences might be a kind of ‘ethical full disclosure.’

My Journey

First things first – I’m by no means young. Closer to 60 than 50 years of age, when I tell you I grew up in a family where my mother was into spiritualism, astrology and all things occult, you may well appreciate that mine was a rather unusual childhood in Australia in the 1960s and 1970s. But it didn’t seem so to me or my brother.  He went on to follow my mother’s amateur astrology interests into being a professional astrologer, and I found I had talents for prophetic dreaming, astral travel (yes, we liked to experiment), some telepathy tests/games, and above all else working with archetypes and visions.

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I say elsewhere on this website that this ran in the blood.  My mother’s mother was a medium, though she never pursued that directly. Nevertheless the spirits pursued her and we heard very interesting stories about ghosts she encountered and the messages they wanted her to pass on to others.

I’m not a medium in the classic sense. I don’t see spirits, though I suspect I do channel messages from them and other spiritual entities given how the readings (and also my writing – see below) flow. Certainly, I often get a sense of words or a message in my mind arising neither from the meaning of the cards nor my own conscious thought processes, so I suppose that’s channeling in its way.

Still, I identify more with a mystic than anything. In the later years of my formal education I studied comparative religions and discovered a lifelong affinity with the mysticism systems of the ’People of the Book’ – Islam/Sufism, Judiasm/Kabbalah and Christianity/Gnosticism. I don’t consider myself a member of any of those creeds as such but I find great wisdom, comfort and spiritual sustenance in their mysticism traditions.

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Rider Waite Tarot Major Arcana (c) US Games Systems

Roll on early adulthood and I learnt tarot, drawn by my love for the art work, imagery and archetypes they represented.  Initially I did this as a meditative exercise – I hadn’t really thought much about the divinatory side about it till readings started coming true with great frequency. Over the years I read for many friends and colleagues, and also read for strangers via telephone.

I’ve always felt a bit ambivalent about reading professionally for strangers who aren’t acquainted with my reading style, but at least over the telephone people could hang up if they weren’t connecting with the reading. Nevertheless I only did that for a brief period and now look to doing Pick a Card readings on YouTube to showcase my style so that if I do move to offer personal readings later then those interested will already be familiar with my style and have views about whether my readings resonate with them. That way I can be comfortable with providing professional readings rather than just concentrating on reading for friends and colleagues only.

But in between all this I’ve held very secular, practical professional roles – primarily in Human Resources, leadership and organisational change and strategy. These type of roles provide much experience with human and organisational psychology within the structures and organisational foundations of most modern workplaces. As a result my readings in the areas of career have benefitted from the additional depth of knowing how careers and organisational life really work in practice. This also helped relationship readings in general. While a ‘relationship/love’ reading may seem emotionally more resonant, there are many similarities across work and love/family/friendship issues – we are human in the workplace after all.

I also write – novels, theatre scripts and poetry and over the past decade or so I’ve navigated traditional and self-publishing, learning much about the craft and industry in the process. I’m currently collaborating with a musician to write a musical. So some practical experience and learnings in various aspects of the creative arts on a professional and/or semi-professional basis can provide the foundation to help other creatives through tarot/spiritual support in a practical, empathic way.

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That’s me and my journey in a nutshell. I have great respect for – and can work with oracles related to – other traditions such as wiccan/pagan, the ancient and modern mystery schools and Tao among others. So you may see elements of these in readings over time here.

But at heart I’m a mystic who wants to bring the wisdom of the upper realms to earth in a practical, supportive manner, and to follow my own spiritual pathway to greater knowledge and connection with the Divine/The Beloved/Source.


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Hi, I'm Helen, a tarot reader of over thirty years' experience who juggles spiritual learning and life with a very secular day job and a creative passion for writing in all forms: novels, stories, poetry and theatrical productions. I hope to help others seeking the guidance of tarot: to learn its secrets and other spiritual traditions. Especially those looking for practical guidance on relationships, career and creativity and other readers looking to unlock and connect the wisdom of their daily life with their spiritual insight.

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