May 2021 Reading – North and South Hemispheres

I aim to do a brief/high level monthly reading for the key energies coming into place in either/both the North and Southern Hemispheres. My reasoning for doing a separate reading for each location is the impact of the seasons and other timeframes that may differ in business, schooling etc in the different countries/hemispheres. But you can also take these readings and amalgamate them if you feel messages in both apply regardless of your location during the month (or if indeed you change locations from one hemisphere to the other in the month).

So a three card reading for each hemisphere follows. I hope it contains some messages or information helpful to you in the coming month.

Northern Hemisphere

The three cards for this reading are the 6 Pentacles reversed, the Page of Swords and the 4 of Pentacles.

This gives the feeling of trying to hold onto what you have accumulated in life in a time of rapid communication and the emergence of issues about fairness, equity and reciprocity in life. You may be required to give more than you receive this month in career, relationships or life in general and you’ll be concerned about whether this is taking you backward. Much will depend upon how you communicate your needs and requirements. If you don’t speak up some may take advantage of you without even realising or meaning to do so. Electronic communication is favoured and efficient to resolve issues. Social media may also raise matters into sharp relief this month so you may be drawn to causes of equity and balance or may observe such matters coming to the forefront of politics and the media.

As a whole for this hemisphere there’s a definite sense of political or economic unrest. The ongoing issues with the pandemic can’t be underestimated and economic challenges will only come into sharper relief. Reach out via your means of communication to find people of like mind to best surf the wave of unrest and possible challenge these cards predict.

Northern Hemisphere May: Starman Tarot (c) Lo Scarabeo
Southern Hemisphere May reading: Starman Tarot (c) Lo Scarabeo
Southern Hemisphere Reading

The cards for this reading are 3 of Cups, Ace of Swords and the High Priestess.

Even though the Southern Hemisphere is going into the colder/pre-winter months there’s some cause for celebration and enjoyment in these cards. New ideas and insights provide solutions for any existing problems and the intuition and spiritual energies are strong and positive. Any new ideas and creative projects are blessed and may benefit from collaborative approaches. Many who come to this reading will also focus much on their spiritual development this month and be pleased with their progress.

For the Southern Hemisphere as a whole the same more positive message applies. In practical terms the capacity to meet together and party/ enjoy life looks improved so restrictions from the pandemic may be lifting in many countries/regions in the hemisphere. New approaches and political ideas will also commence in this period and focus on the collective good.

(c) Helen Valentina 2021

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Hi, I'm Helen, a tarot reader of over thirty years' experience who juggles spiritual learning and life with a very secular day job and a creative passion for writing in all forms: novels, stories, poetry and theatrical productions. I hope to help others seeking the guidance of tarot: to learn its secrets and other spiritual traditions. Especially those looking for practical guidance on relationships, career and creativity and other readers looking to unlock and connect the wisdom of their daily life with their spiritual insight.

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