May 2021 Career and Finance Reading

Today I’m bringing you an early May 2021 reading for the collective about career and finances. On the back of 2020 and early 2021 many people have faced specific career and financial challenges, particularly as a result of measures in place to manage the pandemic. As some limitations in some countries start to ease, whatContinue reading “May 2021 Career and Finance Reading”

May 2021 Tarot By Astrological Sign

In the first of a monthly series today I’m bringing you a three card spread for each astrological Sun sign, divided into groups for Earth, Fire, Air and Water signs. I hope these readings resonate with you and provide some information and guidance of use during May. If you know your Ascendant and Moon SignsContinue reading “May 2021 Tarot By Astrological Sign”

May 2021 Reading – North and South Hemispheres

I aim to do a brief/high level monthly reading for the key energies coming into place in either/both the North and Southern Hemispheres. My reasoning for doing a separate reading for each location is the impact of the seasons and other timeframes that may differ in business, schooling etc in the different countries/hemispheres. But youContinue reading “May 2021 Reading – North and South Hemispheres”