What Messages Do Inter-Dimensional Beings Have For You Now? New Pick a Card Reading

Hi All! Today’s Pick a Card reading is all about connection with interdimensional and/or high spiritual order beings and what messages they may have for your life and spiritual purpose now. If that intrigues you check out the video embedded below and if you enjoy it please like/share/subscribe. 🙂

Welcome to the Eye of the Serpent (Iota Serpentis) Tarot!

Welcome everyone to my website.  I thought I’d do a brief introductory post to add a bit to the ‘About’ page for those who join me on this journey earlier in its life. Iota Serpentis is ‘the eye of the serpent’ and refers to a fixed star in the Serpens constellation. As someone who has alwaysContinue reading “Welcome to the Eye of the Serpent (Iota Serpentis) Tarot!”